A Spiritual Epoch

On this night, at this time, I was extremely upset – at her, at myself, at life, at the addictions that felt like they were thrust upon me by some external deity with a grudge, at why nothing made sense like it was supposed to; it wasn’t supposed to be like this. A professional job means money, upwards mobility in all the ways that matter, and the personal life was supposed to follow in lockstep.

A Sojourn Concluded

I’m a very rational human being, in fact it’s something I say with pride and a swelled chest, as if making a grandiose statement that will shock the world and humble those around me. I am a firm believer in the physical laws of the universe – inertia, momentum, gravity, particle / wave duality, mathematics, biology, quantum physics, all these things make sense to me and have performed spectacularly in explaining the world as I experience it.